Teen Adventure Camps




Located in the breathtaking Devil’s Lake State Park in the heart of Southwestern Wisconsin, our two unique Teen Adventure Camps have been created for climbers that want to get to the next level. The two programs, “Regular Camps” (ages13-18) and our “Senior Advanced Camps” (ages 13-18) both run through the summer months. They focus on first time climbers and advanced teens who may want to compete at local and national competitions.

The adventure camps offer a “challenge” for climbers that traditional camps just don’t offer. Our climbers not only climb tons of rock – they learn about the equipment they’re using, the techniques they’re taught and most importantly the safety skills of climbing.

But the adventure is not only about climbing!  We mix it up with kayaking, caving, hiking and four-wheeling – all the while “capturing” each event with GoPro Video Cameras! Our camp sizes are uniquely small – we like to cap our camps at a maximum of 10 climbers to each program, creating an unparalleled learning environment for all!


Teen Adventure