GSA Individual Troop Council Trips



Girl Scouts – Individual Troop, Council, or Camp Trips:

Girl Scouts of all ages and abilities are invited to experience the thrill and adventure of climbing outdoors on real rock cliffs! Physical activity and personal goal setting help encourage a positive self-image among girls. We put this in the context of a fun-filled day, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Participants gain confidence in themselves through the physical, mental, and/or emotional challenges of climbing. Trusting others, overcoming obstacles, and realizing their potential in a safe and supportive environment are additional benefits that will last longer than just the climbing day.


Earn requirements for GSUSA patches:

We can focus the climbing day around the skills involved with earning outdoor adventure patches. Guides are happy to answer questions, demonstrate gear and techniques, or discuss any aspect of the sport.

  • High Adventure Patch (warm up and stretching activities, rock climbing techniques, and knowledge ofsafety equipment)
  • Adventure Sports Patch (4th-6th graders)
  • Rappelling Patch (cadette and seniors)



★  Devil’s Lake SP



★   Maximum of 10-20 participants

★   There are many options for larger groups that can be discussed specifically with your group (different location, 2-day program, etc.).

★   Group sizes are limited due to environmental impact concerns, and to allow for maximum participation.



★   Instruction in knots, harnesses, communication, belaying and climbing movement

★   Top-roping on 3-4 climbs, ranging from beginner to intermediate

★   Belaying and backup belaying

★   Rappel instruction: equipment, techniques

★   Rappelling on vertical faces using rappel devices

★   Also an ideal setting in which to emphasize concepts of minimizing impact and outdoor/camping skills.

★   Can be a day trip, or part of a camping, retreat or service weekend.



★  Harnesses, Helmets, Ropes, Belay and Rappel devices, Anchoring equipment.



★  $65.00/person for full day up to 6 hours (10 minimum).



Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Zip Line Tree Canopy Tours, Wild Cave Tours, Kayak & Canoe Adventures!