Gear Review: The Xshot Sport camera extender pole, or if you prefer, “selfie stick”

Gear Review:  The Xshot Sport camera extender pole, or if you prefer, “selfie stick”

We found the stick to be quite useful and had the chance to try it in a few different scenarios.


We are adventure guides and have used it quite a lot while filming clients at our tours at Devils Lake State Park near Baraboo, WI. It did really well and drew quite a bit of attention from our guests. It easily extended to about 3 feet long though closing it up was not as easy sometimes. We used it only with a GoPro so we cannot comment on the other attachments for a cell phone or digital camera though they look quite helpful for those who need those options.


We also had the opportunity to use the stick on our trip to the Dominican Republic and filmed many things including me trying to learn kite surfing.  Now that was a laugh fest! The pole did really well in out of the water shots but after it got wet with salt water it was very hard to close or re-extend(it would not tighten back closed).  It is supposed to be salt water resistant though we are not sure it applies to pole movement and maybe only to the metal and its coating.


While other products in the XShot line do come with a Bluetooth remote clicker, the XShot Pro does not. One less moving part or something to break, but also requiring utilizing the timer functions on your phone. Not a deal breaker, but having a built in clicker in the handle seems like a logical upgrade. Then again, this is not really a selfie-stick.

Overall the pole is very nice for “off road” use though we will probably stick to using our “painters” pole set-up that we have been using for a long time since it can extend way further(10 feet) and costs quite a bit less. See all the Xshot products here:

J. Taylor

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