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Don’t Go Rock Climbing before you do these 6 Things!

People, as a whole, are not supposed to be good with the vertical world. It’s a trait that has kept us from falling out of trees and over cliff edges. Yet, rock climbing has become one of the most popular – and physically challenging – sports around. Luckily, the vertically inclined can find indoor climbing gyms in every state and many colleges too!

The Vertical World- know before you go….

Ready for a body versus mind challenge? Rock climbing has been proven to be an adventurous way tobuild and maintain aerobic fitness, increase strength, and get that heart rate up while taking Fun to Extreme heights. Many claim that climbing a wall might also increase anaerobic and aerobic metabolism. But don’t let the physical take over while you climb. The real secret to climbing is focus and patience. For many, it’s just as important to conquer a specific route as it is to improve hand and grip strength.

Rock climbing courses can be found for all skill levels. Experienced climbers can usually buy a day pass and climb with a partner as long as they want at the gym. For newcomers, a 30-minute training session will teach the basics of climbing. After that a more advance course on how to handle the ropes (i.e. not dropping your climb buddy on his or her ass) is highly recommended. Don’t worry, though, because “belayers” are supervised by gym staff until they pass a certification test so no one’s left hanging around for too long. Now, for those 6 things you should do BEFORE you go rock climbing!

6 Tidbits to gain more Excitement from your Climbing!

Want to scramble up the rock like Stalone in Cliff Hanger but not quite sure what it means to “be on belay”? Diane Taylor, Assistant guide at Vertical Adventure Guides, recommends:

  • Study a little before you go: Knowing the many types of climbing can mean the difference between a fun afternoon or a class full of falls and fails. The internet has a lot of great info available. Just starting out? Try climbing with a guide for just a half day, which will allow your body to ease into it’s new found adventure . More ambitious climbers can sign up for an intro to climbing course, in which you will learn rope work, belaying, and basic technique.
  • Prep with the right gear:  Climbing is best done with comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Pants that hit below the knee should have a lot of stretch in them. For footwear, most sturdy gym shoes should be fine for climbing, although there are special rock climbing shoes for the job which are snug on the foot and have very sticky bottoms. Guides will provide all other specialty equipment including ropes, route set-up, and harnesses.
  • Warm up – this is very important because it will prepare your body for the physical activity that you will experience while climbing rock. Remember that a strong body will help greatly in achieving your goals in rock climbing. This will also help avoid injuries while climbing. Usually, the short hike up to the climbing area is all you will need to “warm” you up.
  • Learn a little lingo: Lingo does not a climber make, but learning the basics can be very helpful. Check out  for a dictionary of  climbing terms to bone up on such words as “belaying” and how different routes are marked by difficulty.
  • Go slow: Rock climbing is very similar to a game of chess. It’s less about how fast you are and more about planning your route. The best climbers are always looking to the next foothold or handhold as they ascend the wall .
  • Relax and Breath: It’s okay to be scared of falling – even the pros sometimes get the jitters. To help make it more fun, consider climbing with a friend or two. The buddy system can improve safety and confidence, setting climbers up for success. Better yet, head to the rock with trustworthy and knowledgeable instructors trained by organizations like PCGI. VA Guides is well prepared to handle this for you.

Rock climbing is great for both the mind and the body and, with the right climbing crew, it can become a perfect addition to any workout regime and a fun way to cross-train. After climbing for 30 years now rock climbing as become a passionate Life Sport for myself and my family.


Rock climbing is a popular sport around the globe. Many people are having the interest to try this sport out and see how much they can go as far as this sport is concerned. This sport is for those who would like be adventurous while getting fit. However, there are still some things you need to consider before you can do this sport. First is your physical strength; one must be strong physically especially the arms to be able to climb mountains. And your mind must be set to face the physical trials and exhaustion that you will encounter while doing the sport. Here are things that you must do before engaging into rock climbing.

  • Warming up – this is very important because it will prepare your body with the physical activities that you will go through while climbing mountains. Remember that it only takes a strong body to be able to do this sport. This will also help avoid injuries while climbing.
  • Proper exercise – work out and set those muscles right for climbing is important. If you are not physically fit, you may not even climb even the lowest mountains by exercising, you are also improving your stamina to climb longer routes.
  • Practice your movements – knowing all the techniques needed in climbing mountains should be perfected. Know the specific moves needed in a certain route. By doing this, you will avoid injuries and accidents while climbing.

Rock climbing is no easy game to engage in. You must be prepared to take the challenge. But once you get through it, you will feel the fulfillment being provided by this sport.