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Cave Adventure!

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Experience what it feels like to be a “true explorer” in an undeveloped “wild cave”!!

Vertical  Adventure Guides explore caves perfect for beginners , meaning the main passages are tall enough to walk thru with some narrow corridors and shallow ceilings. Join us at Popp’s Cave in beautiful Wisconsin where there are some smaller passages that branch off and curve back around to the main corridor. Explorers can also enjoy the true experience of “caving” by crawling around and wiggling thru some tight places!!

Caves temperatures remain at 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit– making them perfect for outdoor activity during the winter months when outside activity usually slows down. The caves are great for adventurers and beginners giving an authentic experience and beautiful introduction to the life and landscape of the subterranean world!



Location:  Popp’s Cave- Near Richland Center, WI   Note: This 1.5 hr drive from The Dells and Devil’s Lake SP-

What to Expect: 

–          Spend up to 1.5 hours inside the cave (approx 2.5 with hike in and out)

–          Discuss Cave Formations (stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, calcium flows, streams, etc. ) and cave life (bats and salamanders, etc)

–          Explore cave passages with a headlamp, or just your eyes. (to “see” the darkness!)

–          Experience the nocturnal beauty of the natural cave. Compare the surroundings and experience with a commercial cave.

–          Discuss and use appropriate “leave no trace” etiquette to protect the fragile cave environment.

VA Provides:

-Helmets, gloves, headlamps, knee pads

-A full list of what you need to bring with will be emailed to you prior to your adventure.


–          $180. 00 up to 3 people (minimum 3)

–          $55.00 per person (5-7 people)

–          $50.00 per person (8-10 people)

–          $60/person for up to 4 

Cave Adventure!


Vertical Adventure can also take the worry about Lodging or Lunch out of your hands….

We provide a delicious fresh prepared Trail Lunch that includes fresh breads, meats, veggies, fruit, drinks, and dessert. At just $10/person this meal deal is a great Value!


Need a place to stay but not sure that camping for just a weekend is worth the effort and time? Join Vertical Adventure at Camp Aero-Ridge located West of Devil’s Lake and relax as you arrive at the cabin to a campfire as well as having the option of enjoying our fresh homemade meals (meal plan optional). Or at Hidden Pines located near Lake Delton and Devil’s Lake with camping, cabins, shooting range, climbing wall, and more! Nothing beats coming back from Rock Climbing or any adventure with VA and relaxing in a well appointed, rustic feeling cabin lodge. You will wake up refreshed ready for another day of adventure!

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